About Me and My Journey

Hey! I’m John, a 40 something single Dad, truck driver and all around perpetual traveler.

I’ve had a set of wheels under me and been in motion since I was born. While I haven’t been outside of the US yet, I have traveled from border to border, and coast to coast in one way or another. My first trip was when I was a baby in our ’70s Winnebago Brave. Then we downsized to a van, and eventually took to travel by air or car.

I have owned a couple RVs in the past, looking for what fits me. My first one was a 33′ Winnebago Chieftain that I absolutely loved, but it didn’t fit my needs. My second was a 32′ Holiday Rambler Imperial that could have worked, but it needed more work than I could put into it at the time. I have decided, the best direction to go that fits my needs is a bus conversion of some kind, either a skoolie or an older coach.

I’ve had wanderlust since birth, and I’m the kind of person who can’t tolerate being stationary for too long. Which is why I chose to be a truck driver for the time being, until I reach my early retirement age of somewhere near 50. As I reach my goals, and get closer to hitting the road, for fun instead of work, I’ll use this blog as a place to collect and pass on any information I think others will find useful.

And yes, Journey to St. Somewhere is a bit of an ode to Jimmy Buffett!